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Vista Themed Template by Soflyfx

Vista Themed Template by Soflyfx preview

Vista Themed Template by ~soflyfx

Well this is the PSD of the template a few people asked me for.

It's a vista themed webtemplate, but I figured you knew already?

It's pretty easy, just a lot of blending options.
I did not add buttons...
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user Guest By Guest (430) 2 Dec 2010 21516 views 1415 downloads
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user ashish_wangi
ashish_wangi: 8 years ago

Thanks a lot

user abu173
abu173: 8 years ago

It is useful for me

user eyespi20
eyespi20: 8 years ago

Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing it!

user evans
evans: 8 years ago

nice work!!

user hervinga
hervinga: 8 years ago

nice men!!