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Retouch preview

Just a retouched photo. U can see the difference between before and after the retouch. All the steps are included in the psd. Fell free to comment :)

user simina By simina (3) 4 Mar 2009 59988 views 2829 downloads
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user dstephen
dstephen: 3 years ago


user dasha444
dasha444: 5 years ago

Nice work!! :)

user Blackduty
Blackduty: 6 years ago

Sempre timos ups

user simonarnold
simonarnold: 8 years ago

This is definitely a nice work, I wonder if you used some plugin to finish it. Anyway what is your email address.

user redstone
redstone: 8 years ago

Simina, I think you've done a great job on this, it IS within the realms of believability and a lot better than loads of the manipulation work that 'huge' cosmetic & model companies use and pay a fortune for. Lovely job.

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