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HTC G1 Dream Android .PSD

HTC G1 Dream Android .PSD preview

HTC Dream Android Smartphone .PSD (Real .PSD, not rendered.)

Another one I did awhile back and never submitted. This one goes to the international people in my groups and my regular +devwatcher's. You support and motivate me in making these...
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user zandog By zandog (21) 27 Apr 2010 10797 views 1099 downloads
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user Marcelous
Marcelous: 9 years ago

Amazing work. Very realistic, your shadows and reflections are top notch!

user shubelal
shubelal: 9 years ago

awesome thanks

user and_d.m
and_d.m: 9 years ago

nice ...

user cute_heart
cute_heart: 9 years ago

wow this is also excellent