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Mac OS X Safari Program

Mac OS X Safari Program preview

Safari remade in Photoshop CS4, complete with buttons, text bars, scroll bars and text. Fully editable, all patterns, effects provided in PSD.

user RUGRLN By RUGRLN (3) 21 Feb 2009 17649 views 1081 downloads
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user arunchrist
arunchrist: 10 years ago

Oh Oh Oh guys this guy "RUGRLN" is a photoshop Maverick, I just viewd his designs in Awesome Extra-ordinary amazing and no words.

I take back last comment."Nothing Is Impossible" to you . TOO good RUGRLN. I m impressed by your designs A LOT . Hats off .

user arunchrist
arunchrist: 10 years ago

As far I have seen, Apple's Safari is the most beautiful Browser in terms of design and usability. If you could create this so accurate any other browser would be simple. So I would suggest not to create any more browser esp IE. Try creating Apple Iphone. Just my perspective , nothing offensive :D

the listing author RUGRLN: 10 years ago

No, but it's a good idea, I might give it a shot.

user kaw3675
kaw3675: 10 years ago

Awesome work! Have you ever created an Internet Explorer interface in Photoshop?

user arunchrist
arunchrist: 10 years ago

Thanks a lot. I will send the design after I complete it.
Best Regards
Arun M
[email protected]

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