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House Icon

House Icon preview

Large House Icon.

user markcosta1206 By markcosta1206 (9) 19 Jan 2010 10395 views 579 downloads
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user proofing1
proofing1: 9 years ago

good job

user Ac1d
Ac1d: 9 years ago

I meant the line at the top where a layer has been moved :)

user ryschij
ryschij: 9 years ago


user markcosta1206
the listing author markcosta1206: 9 years ago

yea I dont see any line.. However, there is a piece at the top that sticks out a little. I must have moved that layer a little when labeling the layers. The Icon has been fixed. You can download the fixed file at etail.php?id=7 or you can just select the "roof mid" layer and press the down arrow of your keyboard once to nudge it down 1 pixel :)

user poozybear
poozybear: 9 years ago

I don't see the line. It looks great to me. Very well done!

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