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Swrill Effect

Swrill Effect preview

I want to share this effect with you.
Its not my idea; I made this effect with the help of Photoshop Filters and tutorial (didnt remmeber the link of tutorial)
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user Faiis By Faiis (2) 27 Nov 2006 17217 views 2186 downloads
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user devasanikeerthi
devasanikeerthi: 9 years ago

very nice effect can someone sat me hw 2 do dis plz

user prabhakarbabu
prabhakarbabu: 9 years ago

it is so easy

user r0ker
r0ker: 10 years ago

thanks alot for the link!

user pmp81
pmp81: 10 years ago

There is a tutorial for this here: act-wallpaper/

user r0ker
r0ker: 10 years ago

what effect is this? please someone find out

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