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Transportation company website, psd template.

user aneeshdesigner By aneeshdesigner (4) 9 Apr 2009 16432 views 1788 downloads
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user inventive
inventive: 8 years ago

very nice template..u can improve the truck pic to look more realistic :)

user mdghufran786
mdghufran786: 9 years ago

very good template

user Buffalorand
Buffalorand: 9 years ago

Also, you should cut-out the windows of the truck or give them some realism in reflection...they shouldn't be just white...

user ScUm
ScUm: 9 years ago

good template!

user Buffalorand
Buffalorand: 9 years ago

It lacks a shadow under the truck...this causes the image to look a little cut-and-paste.

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