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my three icons from my portfolio

user DimsonClear By DimsonClear (3) 6 Sep 2008 16537 views 2413 downloads
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user Kijai-
Kijai-: 7 years ago

It's so Simple! I Like it! Thanks!

user Enoh
Enoh: 8 years ago

Hello. I know it's your work but can i use your airplane for commercial use ? It will really enhance my design. My adress is if you want to write me

Best regards,

user kangna02
kangna02: 8 years ago

wow!! nice icons! thanks!!!

user gregg37th
gregg37th: 9 years ago

Very nice work indeed,the paper airplane is my fav.

user lucaz
lucaz: 9 years ago

That`s very good !! thanks so much for this.

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